The Quest

Panini – Sermon of St. Paul Amidst the Ruins

The New Testament Quest is a site where I write under four categories.

One. The primary texts of the New Testament. Language, linguistics, exegesis, interpretation, etc.

Two. The historical and literary contexts of the New Testament (including various and sundry topics people raise as relevant background for understanding).

Three. Books relevant to the quest (for critique or commendation). My interests are eclectic, my sophistic powers of articulating relevancy, unmatched. This will, however, mostly be New Testament stuff.

Four. Academics and academia. How to read, how to study. If, when, and where to study formally. Learning foreign languages, academic culture, etc.

All content is produced under the rubric of its being useful for the study of the New Testament, and each category will contain resources for reading (with files shared whenever I can share them).

The journey of understanding the New Testament can be a perilous one, a dizzying labyrinth of false starts and dead ends. That has little to do with the New Testament itself, and more to do with the world of public interpreters; none of them are unmotivated. Nor am I. I believe and believe in the New Testament; make of that what you will–I simply declare that I am on a journey to discover the language, history, theology, and meaning of the New Testament.

I hope you’ll join me on this quest.

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